Damian Catera is an electroacoustic composer/guitarist, sound installation creator and media artist. Catera's work reflects interests in sound based composition/ improvisation, transmission and sociopolitical critique. He has toured the US and Europe twice and has also presented work in Latin America and Asia. Recently he's been performing improvised "deCompositions" for live electronics, radio and guitar and also participated in the New Sound New York sound art exhibit during the spring of 2004.
In recent years, Catera has performed improvised solo guitar/ radio/ computer based pieces abroad and in the US in New York area venues like the Knitting Factory, the Kitchen and The Cooler. He has also done live radio broadcasts on Free 103 and WFMU. Damian toured Europe in December of 2001, and May of 2002 performing in the Czech Republic, Germany , Poland and Slovakia. In March of 2000 he performed in the "La Primavera en Habana" festival in Cuba . During the spring of 1999, Damian toured the United States with Japanese sound artist and Zeni Geva guitarist K.K. Null. Damian also composed two interactive pieces for the NYU New Music Ensemble during 2002 and 2003.